Reviews do matter a lot!

Every single personal opinion counts. One of the major pillars holding the e-commerce industry firmly is the “Customer Review”. Each and every review is important for a product to successfully sell on any website. So words should always be properly put down for reviews because any thing awry may be misleading for others. There is a mutual trust thought process all over the online world- so your vital comments pave the way for other people to either select or discard any of the products out there. It is quite different in the online stores than a brick and mortar, so product reviews actually play the role of an assistant to the product’s description in some ways. So always try to leave reviews that are helpful and beneficial for others.

  • Sound Clear: There’s no need to give a biased opinion sounding too rude like “Bad product. Don’t go for it.” Or something as such. Be clear like “I didn’t like the product because of _____” along with a specific reason, as any product which doesn’t seem like a good fit for you may actually turn out to be useful for someone else. So be specific while writing a review as every single word has an important value.
  • Product Ratings: Assigning a product ratings, must be done seriously, like if you actually like a product and rate it with 2 – 3 stars, it can mislead others. So rate properly.
  • Receive and then review: Review for the products must be given after you receive your order because “Seeing is Believing”. Don’t just submit reviews after browsing the site or viewing the products as your reviews may influence other people’s opinion about the same.
  • Feedbacks / Suggestions: Your order is delivered and you are quite satisfied and you give a very positive review. Apart from that, you can also give suggestions and feedbacks (if any regarding shipping, etc.) for the website or range of products which may turn out to be helpful.

 So go ahead shop at Smacktom and create some fun and  great reviews!