Budget Tablets now in your pocket

Living on a budget has its perks! There are arrays of budget versions of smartphones readily available from many manufacturers, and now those same companies are producing tablets for the budget conscious as well. It’s a combat of the tablets – providing more for less to consumers who are looking for a great deal! So when you do your homework in shopping for a tablet for yourself or as a gift for someone this holiday season, you’ll have an amazing selection of electronic devices to choose from. We’ve done some research already for you to familiarize yourself with the best ones on the shelf – both models that are currently available in-store and soon to be released versions. The most inexpensive tablets available for purchase all have one feature in common – the 7” display.  l

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – it has a 7” screen, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a dual core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. The Galaxy Tab 3 comes with a storage space of 8, 16 and 32 GB RAM and also supports an extra Micro SD.

The Google Nexus7 2 which paved the way of the release of the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.3, has a 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor and is available with the LTE option upgrade.

Since Samsung and Google launched their newest Galaxy Tab 3 and Nexus 7 2, we’re just waiting on two of the major market hitters, Apple and Amazon.

Apple is rumored to launch the iPad mini 2 in the last quarter of 2013 – which is expected to be shipped along with the new iOS 7, an A7X processor supporting the high resolution retina display, 2048 X 1536 pixel screen with 300 ppi Pixel Density and also an 8 MP rear camera.

Amazon will release the Kindle Fire 2 with a Qualcomm Quad core Snapdragon 800 processor and with an Adreno 330 Graphics chip.

One shiny new tablet plus money left over in your wallet for electronic accessories (or even eggnog!) makes for a great holiday season! Happy Shopping!