Change in trend of cases from Galaxy S3 to S4!

An era of new versions and successors in the smartphones industry is coming upon us. As we saw on March 14th this year, the Life Companion (as they call it!) – Samsung Galaxy S4 was revealed with quite a big bang leading the delighted users of its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S3, which was specially Designed for humans, start thinking of upgrading. The changes in physical dimensions were nominal as the screen stretched slightly from 4.8 inches to 5 inches and the weight got reduced by some 0.09 oz (from 4.69 oz to 4.60 oz)- the S4 is definitely the overachiever of the Samsung family. The sleeker, light weighted successor also has more MPs than S3 in terms of both the front and rear facing cameras – 13 outshining the previous 8 MPs and 2 replacing the 1.9 megapixeled older one respectively. With the better specs comes the excellent performance which has lead to a great following of their latest and greatest.

With all of these tech updates, there are some obvious changes in trends in the gadget accessories sector as well. The former Galaxy S3 users were inclined towards Crystal cases, Flip Cases, Slim cases, Wallet cases. We can now visualize the change in case of S4 and we know what the people really want! They only want to flaunt their Life Companion by using clear TPU cases, the colorful varieties, or the very new S view cover case. After all, style and functionality go hand in hand so in the world of cell phone accessories-we’re ready for it!