Future Car Technologies

In the technology world, the newest advancement is only as good as the latest patent from an ingenious company. The automobile world is enticing us with new car technology in terms of safety, entertainment, and utility.  Some of the newest car innovations are novelties that could revolutionize not just the automotive industry but human transportation processes in general.
Based on what’s currently being tested and what’s on the road today, we have an idea of some of the latest in auto industry tools that are expected to be made into production soon. Tools designed for accident protection, auto or trip data, and ways to let us kick back and enjoy the ride.

Car lock AppApps: Android apps like Directed SmartStart can help you start your car from your android device and can also establish a cloud connection as well. This app is useful as it is embedded with a Smart Park parking finder which guides you to find the perfect parking spot. If you have an iPhone, you can download an app like Viper SmartStart which will start your car via iPhone. These mobile apps for your car are the ultimate in utility apps. Also the iOS For Car, an operating system to be released in 2014, uses Siri and syncs seamlessly providing eyes-free and hands-free Satellite navigation, telephony, music and iMessage integration through the car’s screen (available in pre installed car models only).


Smart watches: Smart watches are gaining popularity – from connecting to your smartphone and now to connecting directly to your car! For example, Nissan’s newly launched smart watch Nismo, connects to the car using a Smartphone app with a low energy bluetooth connection. The recorded data can be shared across Facebook, twitter, pinterest and integral via Nissan’s proprietary social speed software. It can connect the driver to the car, provide real-time biometric data, vehicle telematics, analysis of the car’s average speed, fuel consumption readings, etc.

commuCommunication: This technology has been  a combined researching effort by car manufacturers and the US government. They’re studying two branches – V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) technology. Under the Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Interaction technology, the two back and forth cars would be able to interact with each other wirelessly regarding their location, speed and direction, which would be helpful in order to avoid accidents. Also the Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) Interaction technology, the car would be able to interact with traffic signals, road signs and so on which would result in safe driving with a decrease in auto accidents.


Augmented Reality Dashboards: The Augmented Reality Dashboards will be able to identify objects in front of a vehicle and tell the driver how far they are away from the object. The automobile company BMW has already implemented this kind of concept in many of its car models and is working towards this direction to implement the concept in its entire fleet. The GPS and in-car displays are already being studied and copied by other manufacturers as well.

Many of the giant automobile companies like Ford, Chevrolet, BMW and others have already begun racing into researching and providing such technologies in the highly competitive world of car sales.