iOS – Android – Windows – BlackBerry

There are four major operating system platforms supporting a large number of gadgets. Each one is very different in their own way while still allowing the user to operate the device easily. Here are the four you will encounter on the market and have to choose from:

iOS-7-iOS-6iOS 6 – Simple and smart are the two best words to describe it. Currently running version on all latest iPhone and iPod is the iOS6 which very soon can be updated to the iOS 7 once it becomes available. Facetime app for video calls, Siri – the Smart Digital Assistant, Safari web browser which supports multiple web pages at a time (though the flash websites don’t work with it), 5 GB of iCloud Storage, 3D view of apple maps in some cities are some distinguished features of iOS.

Android OSAndroid – It is a little bit more complex if you are not technologically familiar, however it is a treat for the true techie people. The system is quite customizable as it covers a big line of gadgets from different brands. It has the ability to give you a different usage experience if you use it on two different gadgets. NFC and Mobile payments supportive, embedded voice control, multiple home screens with resizable widgets, Google now are its remarkable features.  Feature and app  rich – can be confusing at times  and as it covers a big range of Smartphone brands, you have the freedom to choose quite a wide range of priced devices until you’re ready to upgrade to that of the feature rich and latest ones as the Galaxy S4, HTC One and Google Nexus.

Windows 8 Phone – Windows OS users in their PCs and Laptops would feel at home with this mobile OS. Again the multicolored Live Tiles, appreciable Social Media integration are the remarkable features of this OS.

Windows 8 OS

BlackBerry 10 – Though it lacks in apps and cannot be easily customized, still BlackBerry hub – the universal notification feature, BlackBerry Flow – multitasking, BlackBerry Balance- managing professional and personal tasks with an ease are some of the noticeable features of the new BlackBerry 10 OS.

These are the features with their drawbacks. Now it is up to you to decide which OS is the best for you!