Some Anti-theft apps to track your lost Smartphone!

Circumstances out of your control can turn a normal day into a topsy turvy one. Losing your Smartphone can hurt both economically and even sentimentally – especially if it was a gift or if it contained irreplaceable information. It is important to take advantage of the preventable measures available for your device in case of loss. Stay calm and collected by installing some anti theft apps as soon as possible. These apps can turn out to be very useful once you’ve unfortunately lost your cell phone. Try one of these two suggested apps:

findmyiphone_heroFind my iPhone:  Every Apple user has an iCloud account. If you have installed this “Find my iPhone” app on your iPhone / iPad and you were to lose your iPhone, no worries – just log in into your iCloud account from any other Apple device and when you go to the “Find my iPhone” section there you will definitely be elated to find the location of devices associated with the respective iCloud account. You just need to Click on “Found Device” and then pick any one of the options like Play a sound, enable Lost Mode or Erase all Data from the device. The Lost Mode allows you to enter a text or a number for the person who actually found your mobile to contact you and deliver the good news. In case your mobile has been stolen and you have no hope in getting it back, the only option then for you is that of “Erasing all data” so that your data will not be accessible through there. Similarly some other apps for iOS users are iHound, GadgetTrak, Motion Alarm, etc.

androidWhere’s my droid:  This app makes the mobile owner aware of the location of the lost mobile through the Google maps. The owner gets notifications if the SIM is changed. Another version of it, a paid app, erases the SD card and clicks the user’s image in order to track your phone and know the user as well. Some more apps for the android users are Plan B, Lookout, Cerberus, etc.

Similar such apps for the Windows Phone and BlackBerry users are Find my Phone and BlackBerry Protect respectively.

Keep your cool and have a plan in place just in case you lose your phone!