Get that extra Retina Display effect from your iPad 4!

The iPad 4th Gen is the latest and greatest, as is the iPad with the Retina Display and is a tablet PC Apple came up with after its iPad 3 in November 2012 with the effective deviation by upgrading the 3rd Gen A5X chip as the newer and powerful A6X chip, the same relative aspect of Retina Display and the Lightning connector.

Now this valuable companion of yours needs to be kept safely and protected. The only solution for this is where we have the widest and yet reasonable range of all kinds of accessories for your iPad 4. We have all kinds of tablet accessories – for the basic protection or for enhanced usage of your iPad ranging from Screen Protectors, Earphones, Cases, Cables, Stylus and many more. So all you need is to type in your web browser and get pampered by exploring our selection of latest tablet accessories for your iPad 4. You can have a fair idea from the below 10 accessories filtered out only for you.

1.  Combo of Multicolored styluses for your iPad

Features:  This combo of styluses of 7 amazing colors are quite attractive and are a must-have thing for your lovely iPad as they keep the screen free from scratches and fingerprints. The clip design makes it easy for you to carry them everywhere you go. These are universal and can be used with iPhones, Tablets, Smartphones and iPods. They make your style distinguished when matched up with other similar colorful accessories, most commonly with cases. Using the same colorful case and stylus will protect your valuable iPad and also make it look beautiful along with you!

2.  The Macbeth Collection Hip Hip Stripes Portfolio Sleeve for iPad

Features:  The Hip Hip Stripes Portfolio sleeve is a marvelous add-on for your iPad because of its trendy looks and can be easily matched up with many attires from your wardrobe. It is universal and fits all iPad versions. It is slim and possesses a lightweight design and has soft and scratch free interior padding which keeps your ipad cozy. The camera hole located in its back can make picture clicking and video making easy for you and the dual zippers paves the way for easy access and in-case charging making sure of the protection thing every time and yes you can carry your iPad covered with it wherever you go – it easily fits into backpacks, briefcase and other travel cases. So don’t wait and make your iPad look colorful!!

3. iHome Hot Pink app enhanced Stereo System with dual Alarm Clock and FM Radio

Features An apt choice for every iPad owner. This pink colored Stereo System adds more substance and value to your iPad. It allows you to wake to iPad/iPhone/iPod, FM radio, playlists, custom app alarms with a loud buzzer helping your punctuality. The Bass, treble and balance controls can help enhance the music for you!

4. Ecko Unlimited Blue on-ear Headphones

Features These headphones feature a unique design from artists around the globe and when used with your iPad, it not only gives the music a distinct feel rather makes you look stylish with it on your ears. Its compatible with the trio iPhone, iPod and iPad and designed with play through feature to enable full-access to all the controls. They’re not very heavy to carry as they’re lightweight and durable.

5. Hot Pink Rubberized Silicone Case Cover

Features:  The pink case is breathtaking! The case keeps your iPad safe and protected in a trendy way. It is made from smooth, treated silicone that resists dust particles, strains and scratches and its unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports without removing the case.

6. Red Sync Cable Wall Adapter Car Charger

Features The red color of this charger kit makes it noticeable from anywhere, so that you don’t forget to charge your phone. It features a new, ultra-compact design and the power adapter offers fast, efficient charging irrespective of the fact whether you are at home, office or driving. The most important thing is that its not only compatible with your iPad rather your iPhone and iPod too.

7. Red Black 3.5 mm jack Earphones

Features Here comes a “must have” for fashion and music fans! An all time favorite combination of red and black- these earphones produce high quality sound along with noise isolation. The 3.5 mm connection makes it universally compatible with all iphones, Smartphones and Tablets. The cord mounted ON / OFF button lets you take calls and hang up quite easily. So plug it into your iPad and enjoy your favorite tracks!

8. Anti Glare Screen Protector for iPad

Features The very first thing one should purchase before you begin to use the valuable iPad. The Anti-Glare Screen Protector provides a brilliant luster to your iPad screen. It adds scratch and smudge resistance to the screen converting your screen from glossy to anti-glare. The Anti-Glare finish is enhanced for optimal picture quality, greatly improving on other matte films by eliminating graininess and distortions along with adding a soothing effect for your eyes and UV protection by the anti glare property.

9. Black Leather Case Cover with Stand

Features The accessory for elegant and corporate bunch. Keep your iPad protected at work with this black leather rotating case. You can conveniently rotate your ipad into both portrait and landscape mode when in the case. The built-in stand provides two convenient positions of the ipad for easy typing, watching movies, gaming, presentations and internet surfing. The unique design of the case lets the Apple logo peep out too.

10. iHome Pink rechargeable Mini Speakers

Features:  These cute looking speakers play audio from notebooks, gaming systems, iPad, iPhone, iPod, PCs and other audio devices with its 3.5mm jack. The collapsible speakers fit into the palm of hand for ultimate portability. Also the internal rechargeable Li-ion Battery in each speaker charges for up to 6 hours. Its vacuum bass design gives enhanced low frequency response and sound beyond their size. An absolute worth add-on for music loving folks!

So gear up with your iPad by accessorizing it in the Smacktom way.  Good luck and Cheers!!