Voilà! Performing different tasks with your iPhone

Making notes on iPhone
notesWe have modernized ourselves to tablets and smartphones from the days of using notepads, pens and keeping diaries. Still, the ability to keep and organize notes have a great significance in our every day schedules. How many times have you searched your pockets looking for a piece of paper to jot down a spontaneous note? No need to scramble, just take out your iPhone! Taking notes is a very easy job where the iPhone is concerned and there are a number of dedicated apps for it. Here are some apps:
1. Notes – The iPhone comes with a built-in note taking application which is kind of similar to your basic notepad and stores all the events while listing the tasks by date. Notes can be synced via iTunes and show up in your Mail application. You can also email them right out of the mobile app. It fulfills the basic purpose of quick note taking quite efficiently.
2. Microsoft One Note Mobile – Fulfills all your requirements if you are a full fledged Microsoft user. It is free for a limited period.
There are many more similar applications which provide an awesome experience of note taking and make you get rid of those antiquated writing utensils if you have the iPhone.

Making video call on iPhone
Video calls can be conveniently made on your iPhone through the FaceTime. The video calls can be made through Wi-Fi from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac to other ones. Here are the steps:
1. Go to the Settings.FaceTime
2. Go to the Facetime option.
3. Enter the AppleID (example@icloud.com) and password.
4. You can opt for the option of the email ID or Number to display as the caller ID during the call.
5. Choose the ID you want to make a call.
6. Enjoy your call.

Photoshopping images on Smartphones

photoshopBy using the Adobe Photoshop Touch App for iPhone and Android you can edit the graphics and photos in their Smartphone. The basic criteria for using the Photoshop Touch app on your Smartphones and iPhone are that the Camera Resolution should be 12 Megapixels and lesser. The app can totally transform the images into the desired form by the effective use of the Photoshop features like layers, selection tools, adjustments and filters. You can conveniently edit your photos to share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.