Pick your Galaxy S4

How excited are you after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4? There’s plenty more in store for your enthusiasm about the S4, since it has  4 more versions which have been unveiled! They are the S4 Google Play Edition, S4 Active, S4 Mini and S4 Zoom. The interesting fact is that all four of them serve very different purposes and have the customized phone features you are looking for. Here are the details:

S4 Zoom – Apt choice of Smart phone for the photography enthused. The superb 16 Mega Pixel camera along with 10 X zoom is enough to delight the photographer in you and inspire you take some of the best pictures. A little costlier than the original Galaxy S4 but it definitely has the WOW factor!

S4 Active – Perfect choice for your tough and rugged lifestyle! This Smartphone can resist dust particles and water for up to approximately 30 minutes. You no longer need to worry if your cell phone drops into the pool. Instead you can go ahead dive and take many fantastic underwater pictures from its brilliant 8MP camera in the aqua mode. Overall it is all same as Galaxy S4, but has been made with some superb elements for your active lifestyle.

S4 Mini – It is a lesser priced option than that of the main version. Slightly compromised specifications of this Smartphone makes it more affordable. So if you want to have the same usage experience of Galaxy S4 with being able to stay within your budget, then go for it.

S4 Google Play Edition – The Google Play Edition of Samsung Galaxy S4 gives you the Nexus experience (as you see Google name attached to it!). The major noticeable feature in this Smartphone as per reviews is that the Android OS updates in them are much faster than that of the non-Nexus phones.

So the main features of all versions of your favorite Smart phone Galaxy S4 are here for you. Now it’s totally your call to choose the perfect one for yourself!