Whether you are a budding author or an established one – you will want to seek publicity for your book. Since people these days prefer Tablets or Smartphones for reading books, you could think about publishing your book in the App stores as well. In order to have it published in the Apple’s iBookstore, you will need to follow these steps:

  • First of all you need to get an apple ID.
  • Sign up for Free or Paid Books account.
  • Get iTunes Producer through which you can deliver your book to the iBookstore. (Don’t worry! iTunes Producer can be downloaded for free as a part of the publishing process.)
  • If you choose to create a Paid Books account, you would need to create a Sample Book (in order to give the customers a summarized idea about your book before actually purchasing it).

             Creating the Sample Book

  • Duplicate your book and exclude chapters you won’t want to appear in the Sample Book. (Check for the broken hyperlinks and Glossary terms)
  • Create a new book and copy excerpts into it from the complete book.
  • Keeping the sample book opened, choose File > Export and click on iBooks.
  • Choose Sample Book from iBookstore from the export as pop-up menu.
  • Click next.
  • Give a name to the sample and decide where to save, and then click on export.
  • You would see that an iBooks file (with extension .ibooks) is created.
  • With the original book open, click Publish in the toolbar.
  • Keep following the onscreen instructions. (You will see a main book file with an extension .itmsp is created.
  • Click on “Open in iTunes producer”.
  • In order to add a Sample Book (for a Paid Book), drag the iBooks file (the one with extension .ibooks) to the Publication preview area in the iTunes producer.
  • Again follow the onscreen instructions to publish into the iBookstore.

Now your book will be published in the iBookstore.

Source: support.apple.com