Top 10 accessories for Apple iphone 5

Top 10:

1. Leather wallet case for iPhone 5


Features: Completely a wallet on the go to store all of your important card, cash, and your Smartphone which save you on space giving contemporary and elegant style with protection. Easy to access all iPhone features along with this case on and when using the phone during incoming calls, it folds on the backwards. Voted as the number 1 must have accessory for new iPhone 5

Available Colors: Blue, red, pink, black.

2. Bling Hard Chrome case cover for iPhone 5

Features: Luxury elegant blue shinny bling diamond case cover

3. Lighting connector for apple iPhone 5, iPod touch 7th gen


Features: Connector bridging your 30 pin connector for iphone 4/3g with all new iphone 5 10 pin lighting port making this must have tool for your smartphone. Available today, this replacement connector helps charging so that data can also sync with multiple devices on the new iPhone 5.

4. Disney 3D stitch case for iphone 5


Features: Cute enough for teens, yet also in high in demand.  It is smart and undeniably unique. Plus, who wouldn’t love a new Disney 3D case cover for their iPhone 5! This soft cover not only protects but leaves a sweet impression and unique feel for the gadget, the earloop movement at times makes it feel as if it were an action figure rather than a cellphone cover. It is definitely making its mark by leaving people laughing in “Stitch-es” !

5. Earphones with MIC for all new iPhone 5


Features: Great for Music / calls and keeping with the latest in hands free, the in-ear ear-bud headset from Smacktom is stylish with its glossy matt finish. It ranks as one of the most favorite headphones in its line with its mic button and other features, this 3.5mm earphones has it all! The stereo headphones makes you dance to the beat. A must have for the best price in its class.

Available colors: red, Black, yellow.

6. Polka Dot case


Features: This hard crystal cover created a buzz among our consumers with a traditional and ultra stylish pattern. The  polka dot cover for new iPhone 5 is identified as most popular design for all of the fashionistas out there.

Available colors: blue, red, purple, etc

7. Tiffany blue lace cover for iPhone 5.


Features: Uniquely designed with its elegant white lace on the back of the hard case cover for the iPhone 5, it speaks for itself. Pearls over the lace gives an elegant feel which inspire matching your own pearl jewelry to this case. It is royalty among Smartphone covers. A must have for holiday season.

8. Clear case cover for new iPhone 5


Features: A crystal back cover is the perfect choice for those who love their gadget and want to impress but also to protect.  Smart cover with openings for right controls.

9. Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case / Cover For New Apple iPhone 5 (Blue / Gray)


Features: Sheer looks and fun texture for an iPhone case that celebrates your love of fun color combos. The transparent, two-tone design adds some aesthetic punch, while the innovative, flexible material is easy to grip. Grip Candy Series: A Two-Tone Twist on the Classic Grip the Grip Candy Sheer is super durable, yet thin enough to slip easily into your pocket or bag without adding bulk.

10. Incipio Stashback Case Cover for iPhone 5


Features: Innovative design, made with a high quality Plextonium frame and impact resistant NGP soft shell core – the STASHBACK protects your iPhone 5 in its entirety. Staying organized is easy with a stealth exterior compartment that can act as your second wallet. The overall form is graced with a glossy finish and the exterior compartment retracts for easy docking.